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Adult performance troupe

About the Program and Troupe

Top Rock is bringing Ottawa a dance troupe that will offer dancers a medium to continue to learn from each other as well as learn from great choreographers and instructors. Dancers will be able to choose from two different professional troupes that will cross train in some respects and also perform together, building life long skills and relationships.


The first is a professional intensive program that will allow dancers to continue to grow, help them prepare for auditions, build their portfolio, gain work experience, perform in shows and much more. The program is built to continue the education of young adult dancers who would like to work in the field. Whether the desire is to be a professional dancer for film, stage, or live performances, or become a great teacher to young aspiring dancer, this program is for you.


With continued advanced level classes and choreography, dancers will continue to grow and learn new skills. It will also focus on teaching success at auditions and in building a career. It will give dancers opportunities and help them build a great career for themselves. We are looking for talented dancers who are willing to fully commit to the program and work hard between rehearsals. Please note, that auditions, shows, and some other opportunities will only be available to dancers outside our regular rehearsal times. These opportunities will not be mandatory, with the exception of the April show, however we highly encourage dancers to attend all extra opportunities for greatest success.


The second option is the professional advance troupe which is best for dancers who are looking for an opportunity to continue to grow, learn new skills and styles, have performance opportunities, and also teaching opportunities if they so desire. This is great for retired dancers who wish they could dance at a higher level and continue to learn new skills. We will be learning from several teachers and choreographers with this program. This troupe will be a bit less intense and not as time consuming. We will have a few extra rehearsals leading up to shows as well as some teaching opportunities that will land outside regular rehearsal hours. If dancers from the advance troupe are interested in some career or audition opportunities a discussion can be had with the director to accommodate as best as possible.


Styles will mainly include hip hop, heels, contemporary, and jazz funk, however some other training will also be included occasionally. Guest choreographers and instructors will bring new choreography and knowledge to help guide our dancers to great success. Dancers should be prepared to train from many local instructors and choreographers as well as out of town guest choreographers. A list of the choreographers and instructions can be requested 3 weeks prior to each session.

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About the Director

Julie Joinette was born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario. Following in her sister’s footsteps, she started dancing at the age of 4 years. Studying everything from tap, jazz, ballet, musical theater and hip hop. She continued her studies in Theater, graduating with a B.A. in Drama from the University of Windsor. She began teaching in studios around Ottawa in 2004 and continues to pass along her knowledge to performers of all ages as director of Top Rock Dance and Fitness.


She also trained, choreographed and prepared show pieces to the performers from My Dance Productions, including the former Crazy Horse Coyotes. She continued to expand her knowledge by achieving her personal training certification and fitness instructor certification through Can Fit Pro. Every year, Julie continues to search for more opportunities to expand her knowledge and skills so she can then pass the information along to those she teaches.

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